Bone Broth Deviled Eggs

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Bone Broth Deviled Eggs (Paleo, Dairy-free, Gluten-free)


12 hard boiled eggs

1/3 cup avocado oil mayo

3 Tbsp spicy brown mustard

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 .5 oz packet bone broth powder*

Dash of sea salt

Sprinkle of paprika (optional)

*substitute 1/4 cup liquid bone broth if desired

Ahh, the deviled egg. They bring back some very fond childhood memories of picnics, summertime, and cook outs. They really are a great American staple. However, when you Google them to find out where the name ‘deviled egg’ came from, you become aware that really nobody knows. I’m assuming someone just called them that wayyy back in the day and it just stuck? Maybe they had a bunch of hot peppers in them and it tasted like your mouth was on fire. Or maybe back then egg yolks were really red and resembled the devil. The world may never know…

What I do know though is that they are down right delicious! They have a creamy middle, a soft outer shell, and they pair really well with a nice burger.

I’ve always loved a good deviled egg. What I don’t enjoy is all the mayonnaise that typically goes into them. So I made my own recipe using one of my favorite brands, Primal Kitchen. They make a variety of avocado oil based “mayonnaise” that seriously go with everything (including deviled eggs). This recipe also uses some bone broth which adds even more protein to this little snack and you don’t even know it’s there! I’d call that a win-win.

Paleo Bone Broth Deviled Eggs

Bone Broth Deviled Eggs Directions

  1. Cut eggs in half and scoop yolk in a large mixing bowl

  2. Lay egg white halves in a pan with the hole facing up

  3. Add remaining ingredients (except paprika) to mixing bowl and beat with a hand mixer until creamy

  4. Scoop yolk mixture into egg halves and sprinkle with paprika to top

  5. Store in air-tight container in refrigerator for up to a week