Chocolate Tahini Milkshake

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Chocolate Tahini Milkshake (paleo, v, gf, df)


for the ice cream

1 5 oz can full fat coconut milk

2 Tbsp date nectar

1 tsp vanilla

dash of sea salt

for the coconut whipped cream

1 5oz can coconut cream (refrigerated for 24 hours)

for the milkshake

2/3 cup tahini

2/3 cup almond milk

2 Tbsp Chocti chocolate ghee

1 small chocolate chip cookie to top

It is officially ice cream season and I am HERE FOR IT! Especially for a milkshake that is vegan, paleo, naturally sweetened - it’s basically a smoothie (I dare you to have one for breakfast).

Tahini is simply ground sesame seeds. I loop it in with the nut butter category because it has a similar consistency. Tahini has great health benefits including but not limited to a mighty fine dose of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium, iron, I could go on but I’ll spare you the boring details. It adds a hint of a nutty, buttery flavor to this milkshake while also making it nice and THICK, which who doesn’t enjoy??

Chocolate Tahini Milkshake

The base of this Chocolate Tahini Milkshake is a paleo vanilla ice cream that is alarmingly easy to whip up. I say alarmingly because I always have the ingredients on hand and I always want ice cream so it can be dangerous (don’t say you weren’t warned).

I used my Kitchen Aid and the attachable ice cream maker to make mine but these are not needed. Simply blend up the ingredients and pour them into an ice cream container (like this one) and freeze for a couple of hours.

Now let’s talk about my favorite part, the coconut whipped cream. Again, SO easy to make! The key is to put the can of full fat coconut cream in the fridge the night before so the cream can firm up. I really always have a can of coconut cream in my fridge because like I said before, I always want ice cream.

I hope y’all enjoy this recipe, I know I’ll have one in hand all summer long!

Chocolate Tahini Milkshake Directions

Yields 2 servings

for the ice cream

1. In an blender, mix coconut milk, date nectar, vanilla, and salt

2. Pour into ice cream maker (or pour into ice cream container and freeze overnight) and let the ice cream maker churn until mixture resembles ice cream

3. Pour into ice cream container and place in freezer for ~20 mins to firm up a little

for the whipped cream

1. Take coconut cream can out of refrigerator and open with can opener

2. Scoop out the solidified cream on top into a COLD glass mixing bowl (leave the liquid in the can and use for smoothies later that week)

3. Beat with a hand mixer until it becomes fluffy

for the milkshake

1. Once firm, scoop 2 1/2 cups of ice cream into blender with tahini and almond milk and blend until smooth

2. Pour into 2 glasses and top with coconut whipped cream, Chocti drizzle, and a mini chocolate chip cookie