Healthy Edible Chickpea Cookie Dough

Healthy Edible Chickpea Cookie Dough.jpg

Healthy Edible Chickpea Cookie Dough (v, gf, df)


1 15oz can/package garbanzo beans, washed and strained
1/2 cup cashew butter
1 tsp vanilla
5 soaked and pitted dates
3 Tbsp nut milk of choice (I used hazelnut milk)
dash of sea salt
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

Have you ever had one of those days were you just want to take a spoon and one of those logs of cookie dough and curl up on the couch while you watch re-runs of Friends (which you’ve seen all the way through at least 3 times)? GOOD NEWS, now you can 🤗

This chickpea cookie dough is both edible and healthy. It’s full of protein and fiber to keep you full s it’s perfect for a snack, dessert, or even breakfast (cookies for breakfast anyone??).

Healthy Edible Chickpea Cookie Dough

Personally, I don’t like things SUPER sweet so this recipe uses only 5 dates as a natural sweetener. If you live on the sweeter side though, a dash of pure maple syrup would definitely bring this guy to the next level!

I do caution you, you will need some serious self control if you don’t want to eat the entire bowl. But if you do, it’s okay it’s full of lots of plant-based protein, fiber, and healthy fats - I really don’t know what more you could ask for.

Healthy Edible Chickpea Cookie Dough Directions

  1. Place all ingredients except chocolate chips into food processor or high speed blender

  2. Pulse until you get to a dough-like consistency

  3. Give it a little taste test to make sure it’s sweetened to your liking. If not, add another date or 1 Tbsp maple syrup until it’s sweet enough for ya

  4. Scoop dough into mixing bowl and add in chocolate chips and stir throughout

  5. Transfer to air tight container and store in fridge for up to 10 days (if it makes it that long 😉)