Step 1 : Mix the cashew milk and flaxseed meal

First, combine the cashew milk and flaxseed milk in a bowl. Whisk together to distribute the flaxseed meal into the milk.

Step 2 : Add remaining batter ingredients

Next add the cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut sugar to the bowl and mix well.

Step 3 : Cut bread into thick slices

Depending on the size of your bread, cut each piece into thirds or fourths.

Step 4 : Dip bread in batter and cook

Dip each slice of bread into the batter. Flip it over to coat all sides but do not dunk the bread.

Step 5 : Toss in cinnamon sugar

While the toast sticks are still warm, toss each, one by one, in the bowl to coat with the cinnamon mixture.

dip in maple syrup and enjoy!

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