Step 1 : prepare the dough

First, prepare the dough and form it into a large ball.

Step 2 : slice into strips

Then slice the dough into 8 - 10 strips. It's okay if they aren't exactly even.

Step 3 : roll dough into a "snake"

Roll the dough into a "snake". Then lay it down on the surface in a U shape. Bring the right side on top of the left to create a V on top.

Step 4 : twist the ends to create pretzel shape

Twist the ends one more time and bring them down to the O side of the pretzel and press down on the tails to seal.

Step 5 : baking soda bath and bake!

Dip each pretzel into a baking soda "bath" then bake in the oven until golden brown.

Top with salt and enjoy!

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