Salted Caramel Oat Milk Latte

with EASY homemade caramel





Prepare caramel sauce

Heat the coconut cream and maple syrup in a pot on the stove over medium heat.

Add sunflower butter and vanilla

Once the coconut cream mixture has simmered, stir in the sunflower butter and vanilla until well mixed.

Let the caramel sauce set

The mixture will thicken up after a few minutes and resemble classic caramel!

Drizzle caramel in mug

Add about a teaspoon of caramel to the bottom of a coffee mug.


Pour a double shot of espresso on top of the caramel sauce.

Frothed oat milk

Froth oat milk and pour into the coffee mug on top of the espresso.

Drizzle caramel on top and enjoy!

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