Pink Berry Smoothie


Pink Berry Smoothie


1 cup yogurt (use plant-based yogurt if dairy-free)

1 Tbsp nut butter (Georgia Grinders Almond Butter is my go-to)

1 cup frozen mixed berries

I think everyone needs to have a staple go-to smoothie recipe up their sleeve. With the weather doing some weird things and those curveball cravings, you never know when the desire for a nice cold smoothie is going to hit ya (even when it’s 20 degrees outside). My ideal smoothie is QUICK and EASY which is why I love this simple 3 ingredient recipe. You probably already have the ingredients on hand, can whip it up in under 5 minutes, and be out the door doing your thang with minimal clean up :)


Yields 1 smoothie

  1. In a blender layer in yogurt then frozen berries (I use a Vitamix but a Nutri-bullet or an immersion blender will work as well)

  2. Blend until creamy then add in nut butter and blend until well mixed

  3. Pour into cup and top with desired toppings (I sprinkled some Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Sea Salt Granola on top above)